Open Water Diver

Basic course

Duration of study 3 days

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The course from which training in diving begins. The course, which is very important in itself (after all, the certificate that you will receive after training in this course, will allow you to dive yourself, without the supervision of a professional) and as a foundation for the rest of diving training. Therefore, it is extremely important that the training in this course was carried out in full by a professional instructor, and you must have acquired all the knowledge and skills that are part of this course.


The OPEN WATER DIVER course consists of two parts: theory with closed water (practicing skills in the pool) and open water.


  1. Theory and closed water take place simultaneously, first we conduct a theoretical lesson, after it we go to the pool and practice our skills. This part of the course is called OWD Referral and consists of five classes.

  2. Open water is four dives in a real body of water (it can be a lake, the sea, and so on) during which you learn to apply in real conditions the skills that you have worked out in the pool. You can take this part of the course on a trip to the sea (both with our dive center and on your own).


After completing both parts of the course, you will receive the OPEN WATER DIVER certificate, which will allow you to dive yourself (with a partner who has OWD qualification or higher) to a depth of 18 meters.


If you do not have enough time to take a full OWD course or you plan to always dive under the guidance of a professional, then you can take the first part of the OWD course, which is called SCUBA DIVER and consists of the first three OWD Referral classes and the first two open water dives of the OWD course.

We issue official PADI and NDL certificates


Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced course


After completing this course, you will receive the right to dive to a depth of 30 meters. You can also dive at night, on the currents and generally do much of what was not available to you with the OPEN WATER DIVER certificate.

In addition to learning a lot of new and interesting things, you will also get additional diving experience under the guidance of an instructor.


The AOWD course is purely practical. Minimum theory, maximum practice. The entire course consists of five dives. Two of them (deep diving and underwater orientation) are mandatory, the remaining three you can choose from the options available at the training site.


In order to start studying on the AOWD course, you just need to be a happy holder of an OWD certificate, there are no other requirements.


Training and courses are discussed individually with the instructor.

The price includes: Russian-speaking instructors, transfer, lunch, drinks and diving equipment.

Have fun